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Casa Ti Augusta Restaurant - Tasting Menu

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Casa Ti Augusta Restaurant - Tasting Menu


A rustic and refined space where traditional dishes are served with a touch of sophistication. Meats slow-roasted in a wood oven, cheeses, olive oil and well-shaped loaves turn a simple dish into a real dish. The secret is close attention to detail and the dedication sensed in the taste of every meal.


Payment by ATM
Smoking Allowed


House speciality (goats’ cheese, black pork chouriço, olive and bacon paté)
Plangaio (rice and pork stew) with cabbage OR Traditional goat stew
Baked custard pudding (eggs, sugar, wheat flour, milk and cinnamon)

Surrounding Area

Restaurante Casa da Ti Augusta at 13m

PR8 PNV - Caminho do Xisto de Figueira - Por Muros de Xisto at 29m

Aldeias do Xisto Shop in Figueira at 35m

Living Science and Proença-a-Nova forest centre at 2.9km

Centro BTT Praia Fluvial da Fróia at 4.3km

River beach of Fróia at 4.3km

River beach of Alvito da Beira at 9.3km

River beach of Malhadal at 10.5km

River beach of rejeira at 10.6km

River beach of Aldeia Ruiva at 11.2km


Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. During the week with prior booking. Drinks not included.
12h30 - 14h30 / 19h30 - 22h00
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Joana Pereira
Joana Pereira
Joana Pereira always dreamed of a project of this nature. When she joined the family in 2011 and got to know the village, she quickly realized her dream would come true. "First, the dream. Then the project. Then the dream again. A huge desire! To do, to want, to create. The desire to be different ... to elevate tradition, sprinkled with emotions and sensations, reinventing it in a unique and genuine way, just like the people of Figueira" says Joana.


Figueira, Sobreira Formosa 6150-718
Latitude: 39.752114
Longitude: -7.852564