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Casa Ti Augusta Restaurant - Spirit of the Place Menu

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Casa Ti Augusta Restaurant - Spirit of the Place Menu


In Figueira, an Aldeia do Xisto in the municipality of Proença-a-Nova, there are several delicacies created from goat. It was these elements that inspired chefs Lúcia Matias and Rodrigo Castelo to create Ti Augusta's Espírito do Lugar Menu.
They used goat’s milk to make homemade fresh cheese for the starter; the meat for the wedding pie, with Lucia’s mythical chicory salad.
Thinking of the whole of the goat, Rodrigo Castelo devised a soup from head to toe, using everything the animal provides. The main course is suckling goat roast in the manner of the suckling pigs of Segovia, Spain, traditionally sliced with a shale stone. For dessert, an inspiration from a neighbouring village: bolo finto cake with local medronhos and lemon.
The gastro menu of the restaurant also includes delicacies such as tripe, plangaio (stuffed pork stomach) and bread baked in the wood oven of Figueira.
Ti Augusta maintains its commitment to conserving the habits and traditions of Figueira, by creating flavours and transforming a simple dish into an authentic delicacy.


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Smoking Allowed


Bread from the community oven, fresh cheese and pumpkin compote
Wedding pie (goat meat) with chicory salad
From head to toe Soup
Estonado de Leite com Centeio de Miúdos (Kid, scalded, de-haired and baked, with offal rye)
Bolo Finto and arbutus berries with Limão da Figueira

Surrounding Area

Restaurante Casa da Ti Augusta at 14m

Aldeias do Xisto Shop in Figueira at 32m

PR8 PNV - Caminho do Xisto de Figueira - Por Muros de Xisto at 34m

Living Science and Proença-a-Nova forest centre at 2.9km

Centro BTT Praia Fluvial da Fróia at 4.3km

River beach of Fróia at 4.3km

River beach of Alvito da Beira at 9.3km

River beach of Malhadal at 10.6km

River beach of rejeira at 10.6km

River beach of Aldeia Ruiva at 11.2km


Open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. During the week with prior booking. Drinks not included.
12h30 - 14h30 / 19h30 - 22h00
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Chefe Lúcia Matias  e Chefe Rodrigo Castelo
Chefe Lúcia Matias e Chefe Rodrigo Castelo
Lúcia Matias was born and raised in the Aldeia do Xisto of Figueira more than 60 years ago and is a fount of wisdom about the gastronomic traditions of the region. She has always been connected with agriculture and livestock and her knowledge of ancient tricks and secrets give life to the cuisine of Ti Augusta.

Rodrigo Castelo was born in Santarém. He worked in the pharmaceutical industry before leaving to devote himself to cooking. He opened the doors of the Taberna Ó Balcão in October 2013 and has kept up the surprise element ever since. He has recovered recipes and traditions, highlighted little-known local products, always respecting ingredients to give a special character to his gastronomic creations.


Figueira, Sobreira Formosa 6150-718
Latitude: 39.751883040917
Longitude: -7.8526391018524