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Callum Restaurant - Spirit of the Place Menu

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Callum Restaurant - Spirit of the Place Menu

Serra da Lousã

‘Callum’ is the name of a grape variety found in the area around Oleiros that is used to make a white wine of low alcoholic content and intense flavour. The name of the restaurant pays tribute to the cultural richness and local traditions. With modern gastronomy based on this richness and on fresh produce, preferably from local producers, Restaurante Callum provides exquisite culinary experiences. The gastronomy of the region is prolific and rightly famous, particularly noted for its Cabrito Estonado (a dish of kid that has been scalded, de-haired and baked) and Maranhos (goat stomach filled with goat meat mixture).


Private Parking
Payment by ATM
No Smoking


Regional appetizers
Kid estonado (scalded, de-haired and wood-oven baked)
Fish soup
Regional desserts trilogy: tigelada(baked custard pudding with eggs, sugar, wheat flour, milk and cinnamon), arroz doce (sweet rice pudding) and papas de carolo (polenta pudding)

Surrounding Area

Aldeias do Xisto Shop window in Santa Margarida Hotel at 32m

Restaurante Callum at 38m

River beach of Açude Pinto at 1.8km

Chapel of S. Sebastião at 8km

St. Tiago Maior Parish Church at 8km

Schist bridges over the river Alvelos at 8km

Nossa Senhora da Nazaré Chapel at 8km

Misericórdia Church at 8km

Shrines at 8km

São Gens Chapel at 8km


Open every day from 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm / 7.30 pm to 10.00 pm.
Specialities: fish soup, cabrito estonado (kid that has been scalded and de-haired and baked), maranho (goat stomach filled with goat meat mixture), grouper with rice, Santa Margarida steak, tigelada (baked custard pudding (eggs, sugar, wheat flour, milk and cinnamon), arroz doce (sweet rice pudding) and papas de carolo (a kind of polenta pudding).
The Cabrito Estonado menu does not include drinks or coffee. This menu is served every Sunday at lunch. On other days you must book 48 hours advance, and it is only prepared for groups of 8 or more people.

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André Ribeiro e Cátia silva
André Ribeiro e Cátia silva
André Ribeiro has led the Callum Restaurant team since 2014. In 2020, he took the helm of the Santa Margarida Hotel with his wife, Cátia Silva. Born in the region, where they made their careers, they live in the town of Oleiros. Their strong bond with the town, together with a passion for traditional cuisine and the tourism sector, lead them to embrace this new challenge. They seek to continue delivering high quality service and typical products, such as the famous estonado kid, while also privileging the implementation of new sustainability processes capable of attracting increasingly more tourists.


Torna, Oleiros 6160-498 Oleiros
Latitude: 39.915608
Longitude: -7.910592