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Adega dos Apalaches Restaurant - Spirit of the Place

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Adega dos Apalaches Restaurant - Spirit of the Place


The Adega dos Apalaches in Roqueiro, Oleiros, is a must for those who like to try old flavours. The house speciality is the kid roasted a la Oleiros. As a unique and typical flavour of the region, it is the star of the Espírito do Lugar Menu created by chefs André Ribeiro and Rodrigo Castelo.
The soup in the iron pan, cabbage with breadcrumbs, rice with offal and the baked potato combine with the kid and prepare the body for the delicious regional desserts of the day.
With a welcoming atmosphere, the Adega dos Apalaches often welcomes pilgrimages of diners from all over the area coming to taste this dish along with other home-made products such as bread, confectionery or sausages. The Espírito do Lugar Menu promotes the identity and culture of the restaurant, delighting all those who partake of this gastronomic experience.


Adapted for people with reduced mobility
Payment by ATM
No Smoking


Regional starters from the Adega
Soup from an iron pot
Kid estonado (scalded, de-haired and wood-oven baked)
Sautéed corn bread crumbs with home-grown cabbage
Offal rice and baked potatoes
Local desserts of the day

Surrounding Area

Restaurante Adega dos Apalaches at 23m

Trilho Internacional dos Apalaches at 3km

River beach of Cambas at 4.5km

Cascatas da Fraga da Água d'Alta at 6.1km

Passadiços do Orvalho at 6.2km

River beach of Açude Pinto at 6.6km

Miradouro do Cabeço Mosqueiro at 7.4km

Restaurante Callum at 8.4km

Aldeias do Xisto Shop window in Santa Margarida Hotel at 8.4km

PR4 PPS - Caminho do Xisto de Janeiro de Baixo at 9.2km


Opening hours:
Thursday to Sunday from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm.
Friday and Saturday, by prior booking for groups of 8 or more people.

Specialities: sopa de entulho (mixed meat and vegetable soup), cabrito estonado (kid that has been scalded, de-haired and baked), bacalhau (cod), arroz doce (sweet rice pudding), tigelada (baked custard pudding with eggs, sugar, wheat flour, milk and cinnamon), and papas de carolo (a kind of polenta pudding).

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Conceição Rocha
Conceição Rocha
Conceição Rocha was born in a village near Oleiros. She has experienced life in several other places during her time. A fan of the traditions, culture and gastronomy of Pinhal Interior, she returned to the village of Oleiros to help manage the Hotel Santa Margarida. Together with her brother, she took on the four-star challenge.


Rua Sra. das Neves, Roqueiro 6160-129 Oleiros
Latitude: 39.968358
Longitude: -7.840835