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Geological tour

Foz do Cobrão
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Geological tour


The villages of Foz do Cobrão and Sobral Fernando, overlooking the river Ocreza and neighbouring Portas de Ródão, are a real surprise because of their geological heritage and fauna and flora.

ZêzereTrek is pleased to invite you to come and explore this extraordinary heritage, on a walk where the natural forces that have shaped our planet have left clear marks that will surprise you.

Linked to the geology is the flora and fauna, with pockets of vegetation unique to this area and an unusual diversity of species that local populations have always used in the kitchen. This walk was designed to show you all of these peculiarities and the relationships between the plants, animals and the land that sustains them and the people of the area.

And, of course, keep your eyes on the sky, where griffons, vultures and buzzards fly overhead!


Sun hat
Comfortable Clothing

Surrounding Area

Aldeias do Xisto Shop in Figueira at 8.2km

PR8 PNV - Caminho do Xisto de Figueira - Por Muros de Xisto at 8.2km

Restaurante Casa da Ti Augusta at 8.3km

River beach of rejeira at 8.7km

Centro BTT Praia Fluvial da Fróia at 9.3km

River beach of Fróia at 9.3km

Living Science and Proença-a-Nova forest centre at 10km

River beach of Alvito da Beira at 14.3km

River beach of Sesmo at 14.2km

Centro BTT Sarzedas at 14.5km


Saturdays and Sundays all year round.

Duration: 4 hours

Meeting next to Largo da Igreja in Foz do Cobrão

Includes Insurance, accompanying guide, and morning snack.

Comfortable footwear suitable for the uneven surface is advised.
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Bruno Cardoso
Bruno Cardoso
I arrived in this area for professional reasons related to forestry. I found the features of the local landscape much more exciting than anything else I had found in the country. I worked with other local tourist companies until, in 2015, I decided to set up my own project. I really like to give a personal stamp and a different service, to show that this territory has enormous treasures to see and explore, that only a local company will be able to unearth and show.


Latitude: 39.731897
Longitude: -7.759536