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5 Days’ Drawing in Nature

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5 Days’ Drawing in Nature

Serra da Lousã

Bodil Eide and Paulo Borges will be back in Cerdeira Schist Village from 9 to 13 June, for 5 Days of Drawing in Nature.

The course is designed to develop and enrich self-expression skills through drawing. It thus consists of structured drawing classes with technical demonstrations, exercises, lectures and the projection of images focusing on the history of art and on contemporary practices related to drawing and to work based on nature.

You will learn from the finest teacher available: nature. The woodland all around Cerdeira is full of texture, light and shade, marks and line quality. The course draws support from outside, but also from the schist houses, recently restored and turned into an artistic residence.

There are workspaces for the group as well as for individual practice, and time to work on creative projects, exploring simple ways to work with personal content.


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Surrounding Area

Nossa Senhora de Fátima Chapel at 90m

Candal Shop at 1.6km

PR4 LSA - Caminho do Xisto da Lousã - Rota das Quatro Aldeias at 1.7km

Talasnal School at 2.6km

Nossa Senhora da Piedade Shrine at 3.3km

River beach of nhora da Piedade at 3.4km

PR 2 LSA - Caminhos do Xisto - Rota das Aldeias do Xisto da Lousã at 3.5km

PR5 LSA - Caminho do Xisto da Lousã - Rota dos Serranos at 3.5km

Lousã range at 3.5km

Santo António da Neve at 4.2km


9 to 13 june

09h30 –18h00

It includes:
Accommodation in Shared Residences with course registration, depending upon availability

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Bodil Eide e Paulo Borges
Bodil Eide e Paulo Borges
Bodil and Paulo have been teaching together since 2007. They are members of an international community studying with the South African artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky (rosenclaire) in Florence, Italy. Bodil was trained by them as a teacher for initiation in advanced level drawing, painting, sculpture and contemporary artistic practice. They are graduates, respectively, in Fine Art (KHIO, Oslo, Norway) and Communication Design (FBAUL, Lisbon). Together they have more than 15 years’ experience in the structured teaching of drawing, painting, sculpture and creativity, with a target audience of beginners, plastic artists, such as children and young adults.


Lugar da Cerdeira, Lousã 3200-509
Latitude: 40.094108037147
Longitude: -8.1954690489349