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The properties of honey have long been appreciated and recognized. A source of energy, rich in therapeutic components, good for flu, colds and digestive problems - these are just a few of the benefits attributed to honey.

At Cabaz Mel, which brings together a selection of products from various parts of the Aldeias do Xisto region, you will encounter intense, engaging flavours and aromas that give life to various occasions, from the regular moments of everyday life to more special events.

Natural, as an aguardiente or a paste, honey offers an opportunity to experience some of the most genuine flavours of the countryside. At the same time, its soap communicates the scents and the experimental and innovative spirit of our villages.


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Surrounding Area

Casa Grande - Manor house of the family Fabião at 0m

São Roque Chapel at 0m

Poço do Caldeirão Prehistoric Art Interpretation Centre at 0m

Shop in Barroca at 0m

Parish church at 0m

Private chapel at 0m

PR1 FND Caminho do Xisto da Barroca - Rota das gravuras rupestres at 215m

PR6 PPS Caminho do Xisto Porto de Vacas Troço Mágico da GR Zêzere at 6.5km

PR 2 FND - Caminho do Xisto de Janeiro de Cima - Ó da Barca! at 8.4km

Restaurante Fiado at 8.5km


Price: 29€

- 1 200 mL bottle of DONANNA (Côja) Honey Liqueur
- 1 500 gr (Fundão) Jar of Honey
- 1 Wooden honey dipper
- 1 LORD (Fundão) honey and vinegar pâté
- 1 bar of D´NATUREZA (Miranda do Corvo) Honey and Heather soap

Price includes shipping to Continental Portugal. For shipping outside Continental Portugal please contact us at

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Lojas Aldeias do Xisto
Lojas Aldeias do Xisto
In these shops, the traditional know-how, the genuineness of the products, the modernity of the approaches and the irreverence of the proposals are all greatly valued. Immersed in rural environments, these shops revive the paradigm of the village grocery shop with a touch of innovation that brings together different languages and people in a single space. Here you will find traditional products and original artist’s work and it is here that the villagers themselves also go to buy beans, bread and indulge in a little chat. That’s why in these shops it’s important not to be in a hurry and to go


Casa Grande 6230-137
Latitude: 40.1089
Longitude: -7.71713