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Ceramic sound masks course - June 19th to 25th

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Ceramic sound masks course - June 19th to 25th
*Price per person

Serra da Lousã

Nómada Cerámica will share their practice focused on researching and experimenting with the specific materials of each geography through active observation, study and local materials.

The Ceramic Sound Masks course will provide all the tools and materials necessary for each participant to create their ceramic mask inspired by ancient cultures and aesthetics and add sound based on pre-Hispanic America's sound aesthetics.

Each participant will be invited to playfully transform the face of their mask, shaping the clay with intention, symbolism, and curiosity. Each mask will be unique and can be decorated after firing, with other materials brought by the participants for the final touch.

On the seventh day, the group will say goodbye with a sound performative action, giving life and meaning through sound to the ceramic mask created during their time in Cerdeira before each one goes home with it.

In this immersive course, you will have the opportunity to learn more about:
Ancient world masks | historical and geographical context of the cultures that built masks with different materials;
Creation | design and construction of a ceramic sound mask;
Manual techniques for ceramics;
Realization of the sound system | aerophone and idiophone systems;
Ancient aesthetics | stylization, abstraction, image synthesis;
Finishing techniques | ornamentation, modeling, polishing;
Waterproofing the masks with beeswax;
Mixed techniques | incorporation of other materials;

Registo Nacional de Agente de Animação Turística n.º 135/2021


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Surrounding Area

Nossa Senhora de Fátima Chapel at 31m

Candal Shop at 1.6km

PR4 LSA - Schist Walking Trail Lousã - Rota das Quatro Aldeias at 1.7km

Talasnal School at 2.7km

Casa da Eira at 2.7km

Nossa Senhora da Piedade Shrine at 3.4km

River beach of Senhora da Piedade at 3.5km

Lousã range at 3.5km

PR 2 LSA - Schist Walking Trail Rota das Aldeias do Xisto da Lousã at 3.5km

PR5 LSA - Schist Walking Trail Lousã - Rota dos Serranos at 3.6km


Date: June 19th to 25th
RRP: €1960/person
Duration: 7 days

Work schedule:
June 19
3:00 pm: Reception and check-in of participants
4:00 pm: Reception at the Atelier and small presentation by the group and trainers;
7:30 pm: Welcome dinner at Casa das Artes

June 20th to 25th
course from 10am to 6pm, with a two-hour lunch break

June 26th
Until 11:00 am: check-out of the accommodation

• 1st day: Theoretical and practical training; Construction of different types of sylbates and globular flute.
• 2nd day: Construction of a tubular flute. Sculptural modeling.
• 3rd day: Finishing the pieces and cooking with wood.

The course price includes:
• Integration into a small work group (6 to 10 participants in total);
• Training lasting 6 hours a day, spoken in Spanish with support for Portuguese and English;
• Bibliographic materials to support the workshop (digital format);
• Studio open 12 hours a day;
• All materials necessary to complete the course;
• Welcome dinner;
• All materials necessary to carry out the course, except decoration materials*;
• Lunch during the course;
• Free hostel accommodation during the course (subject to availability). The hostel is equipped with a dormitory, kitchen, shared bathrooms, washing machine, towels, bed linen and wi-fi;
• Offer of 10% discount on the base rate when booking an individual house (minimum of 2 nights). The base rate refers to the stay of 2 people and includes breakfast, equipped kitchen, towels, bed linen and wi-fi.

*Does not include additional materials for decorating the masks such as textiles, stones, metals, feathers; wicker/wood, etc. Any additional mask decoration materials should be brought by each participant in order to add their personal touch.

Cancellation policy:
You can cancel within 14 days of registration by paying the respective transfer fees. In accordance with EU consumer protection legislation, the course fee will not be refunded after 14 days after registration. However, the amount will be fully refunded if the training cannot be carried out due to a lack of sufficient students.

All prices shown include VAT at the legal rates in force.

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Martín Gastón Merlos e Julieta Bilbao
Martín Gastón Merlos e Julieta Bilbao
Martín Gastón Merlos e Julieta Bilbao são dois ceramistas argentinos. Martín é professor de Cerâmica e Escultura na Universidade Nacional de La Plata. Julieta é fotógrafa, ceramista e gestora cultural. Juntos criaram o projeto Nómada Cerámica. Martín e Julieta especializaram-se em cerâmica sonora, na conceção e produção cerâmica e na conceção e construção de fornos de cerâmica, trabalhando na área há 15 anos. Esta dupla tem vindo a realizar conferências, workshops, residências e concertos em diferentes países na América Latina desde 2017.


Lugar da Cerdeira 3200-509
Latitude: 40.0938462242
Longitude: -8.194811661377