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16/09 - 21/09
16/09 - 21/09
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Restaurante Museu da Chanfana - Menu Degustação

Miranda do Corvo
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Restaurante Museu da Chanfana - Menu Degustação

Serra da Lousã

The Chanfana Museum is established as a living museum of regional cuisine, housed in a multi-functional space and part of a broader project, which includes the Serra da Lousã Biological Park. Chef Vítor Fernandes cooks dishes following authentic recipes and traditional methods. The restaurant features a striking array of regional dishes and offers themed menus for special days or occasions and menus associated with the programmes of the Biological Park.


Adapted for people with reduced mobility
Private Parking
Payment by ATM
No Smoking


‘Wedding soup’
Chanfana (Goat stewed in red wine) OR Negalhos (stew of goat tripe)
Nabada (turnip compote) OR Flan with geropiga (fortified wine)
Coffee and House beverages

Surrounding Area

Serra da Lousã Biological Park at 918m

River beach of Louçainha at 6.7km

Castle and Church São Miguel at 7.8km

Misericórdia range at 7.9km

Aldeias do Xisto Welcome Centre at 8km

Arouce Castel in usã at 8.4km

River beach of nhora da Piedade at 8.6km

Nossa Senhora da Piedade Shrine at 8.6km

Talasnal School at 9.2km

River beach of Segade at 10km


Open every day from 12.30 to 3.00 pm and from 7.30 to 10.00 pm
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Silvianne Suilen
Silvianne Suilen
Vítor Fernandes, Silvianne Suilen and Susana Gomes are the most visible faces of several teams that contribute to the same project. Vítor leads the team that, in the kitchen, ennobles the regional cuisine. Silvianne coordinates and links the restaurant with the Biological Park. Susana leads the dining room team that gives refinement and a family feel to the service.


Quinta da Paiva, Miranda do Corvo 3220-154
Latitude: 40.082373
Longitude: -8.333058

Miranda do Corvo