Descubra as Aldeias

Descubra as Aldeias

Descubra as Aldeias


The 27 Aldeias do Xisto villages (schist villages), scattered in the heart of the Centre Region, are one of the best kept secrets of Portugal.

Discover a land where you can still feel the beating heart of nature. Here people and stones live together in a unique cultural landscape. To live it we must let ourselves be submerged and experience it in full. Stay, taste, feel. There are trails, rivers, peaks and valleys, adventure and tranquillity, new inhabitants who reinvent ancient knowledge. Here we can hear the discovery that begins within us.

Each village has its own unique charm, where culture and memory trace new paths into the future. The quality of the cuisine, the architecture and mountain landscapes, the purity of the river beaches, the excellent trails and the permanent challenge to creativity conquer all those who visit this region. But it is essentially the people and their relationship to the places that make the Aldeias do Xisto an experience that leaves a permanent mark in the heart.

The Aldeias do Xisto are the gateway to a wonderful land with diversified tourism and leisure opportunities in close contact with Nature and the region’s cultural traditions. Every village offers properly certified walking trails. Cycling enthusiasts will be amazed by the diversity of mountain biking trails and road routes. In summer, the network of river beaches offers refreshment and tranquillity in the country's purest waters. The shops of the Aldeias do Xisto are well stocked with traditional and contemporary products, which you can enjoy while sipping a cup of tea. Explore our events schedule - there is always something surprising happening here. And, at the end of the day, relax in comfortable village accommodation. When you wake up you will want to start all over again.

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Mapa das Aldeias

Mapa das Aldeias
Mapa das Aldeias
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