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Night Canoeing on the Santa Luzia Dam

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Barragem de Santa Luzia - Miguel Marques I Astrofotógrafo
*Price per person

Serra do Açor

About 2km and 1 hour long, this Night Canoe Tour on the Santa Luzia Dam is an ideal canoeing initiation program to bring family and friends and discover the dark skies of Pampilhosa da Serra.

Throughout the tour, participants have the opportunity to record the moment by taking a picture with the Milky Way in the background.

Licenças: RNAAT 1198 / 2017 | RNAVT 8348


Beach towel
Jacket or sweater (night cooling)
Change of clothing

Surrounding Area

PR8PPS Schist Walking Trail Pampilhosa da Serra Rota do Rio Unhais at 18m

Dam river beach of Santa Luzia at 202m

MTB Center Pampilhosa da Serra - Casal da Lapa at 211m

PR9 PPS - Schist Walking Trail Pampilhosa da Serra - Rota do Velho Unhais at 3km

River beach of Lavandeira in Janeiro de Cima at 5km

PR 2 FND - Schist Walking Trail Janeiro de Cima - Ó da Barca! at 5.1km

Restaurant Fiado at 5.1km

Paths and tracks at 5.1km

Private buildings from the 17th-18th centuries at 5.1km

Old church at 5.1km


Duration: 1 hour

Minimum number of participants: 4 people

Rental of equipment inherent to the practice of selected activities.
Insurance for all participants,

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Barragem de Santa Luzia, Pampilhosa da Serra
Latitude: 40.090154623715
Longitude: -7.8518049828033