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Introduction to the Potter's Wheel

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Introduction to the Potter's Wheel
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Serra da Lousã

During this experience, you will have the chance to get in touch with an ancient form of art adapted to the present day!

You will be able to feel up close what it's like to put your hands in the clay while taking an immersive journey between you and what will be your best friend throughout the day, the potter's wheel. You will use an electric wheel to learn the basics of creating small pieces such as a cup, vase, or bowl.


- Basic knowledge necessary for working with clay:
- Weigh, knead, store, reuse, and recycle clay;
- Drying processes;
- Get to know some auxiliary tools;
- Focus mainly on the first steps of forming a piece on the potter's wheel:
- Center the clay;
- Open;
- First pulls.

License: Registo Nacional de Agente de Animação Turística n.º 135/2021


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Surrounding Area

Nossa Senhora de Fátima Chapel at 39m

Candal Shop at 1.6km

PR4 LSA - Schist Walking Trail Lousã - Rota das Quatro Aldeias at 1.7km

Talasnal School at 2.7km

Casa da Eira at 2.7km

Nossa Senhora da Piedade Shrine at 3.4km

River beach of Senhora da Piedade at 3.5km

PR 2 LSA - Schist Walking Trail Rota das Aldeias do Xisto da Lousã at 3.6km

Lousã range at 3.6km

PR5 LSA - Schist Walking Trail Lousã - Rota dos Serranos at 3.6km


This experience last 5 hours and it costs €80/ per person.

The experience includes all materials and the firing of your pieces, which can be shipped to your home or recycled to give them a new purpose!
*We charge an additional fee if you request shipment.

Experiences are booked on request, subject to availability.

All prices include VAT at the legal rate in force.
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Equipa Cerdeira Home for Creativity
Equipa Cerdeira Home for Creativity
Situated in the beautiful mountains of Serra da Lousã, in central Portugal, Cerdeira is the perfect Schist Village for your next getaway. Here, the unique relationship between nature, art and comfort offers the freedom to live, relax and create in a truly authentic way.

The Cerdeira Home for Creativity project emerged from the love and affection of two families who decided to rebuild the traditional houses of the village, maintaining their authenticity and uniqueness. These two families were joined by several people who are in the village every day to welcome you with a smile.


Lugar da Cerdeira, Lousã 3200-509
Latitude: 40.093944713631
Longitude: -8.1945970846557