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25/08 - 30/08
5 nights 25/08 - 30/08
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Casa do Lagar - Vilar dos Condes

Vilar Cimeiro
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Whole House
2 x single bed
2 guests


Vilar dos Condes is a haven of silence. Six country houses that preserve the original schist features and take us back to the origins of the Pinhal people. Teresa didn't leave anything to chance, the houses are exquisitely decorated. And after a good night sleep, she presents you with a typical countryside breakfast, full of treats.

A pleasurable evening tasting medronho from Vilar dos Condes at the Adega, either chilled or at room temperature, is one not to be missed. A schist house which contains an original slate threshing floor, where you can relax and enjoy the landscape by day, and contemplate the stars by night. The house’s interior offers typical Beiran comfort.

The Space

1 WC
1 Bedroom
2 Single Bed
Living Room


Pets allowed
Smoking Allowed
Wood burner

Surrounding Area

Reservoir beach of Cabril at 5.3km

Parish Church at 6.1km

Pillory at 6.1km

Philippine bridge at 6.1km

Misericórdia Chapel at 6.1km

Parish Council building at 6.1km

Aldeia do Xisto shop window at Pedrógão Grande Tourism Information Centre at 6.6km

River beach of Troviscal at 9.4km

São Pedro Chapel at 9.7km

River beach of Mosteiro at 9.7km


Available all year round.
We have an irrigation tank in the garden which everyone finds delightful in the Summer, WI-FI in the cellar for all, and we can also prepare meals on demand.
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Teresa Almeida
Teresa Almeida
Teresa Almeida was born close by. Her destiny was to join the family business, in a Lisbon street. She came across a ruin in one day, while on a day out. Love at first sight can also, although rarely, happen with places. And our dreams can sometimes conjure up plans that neither engineers, nor architects, nor poets manage to put to paper. Only the dreamers know how to fulfil them. Teresa Almeida and Susana Dias are at your disposal to ensure that you have a memorable stay, that will make you want to return.


s/rua, Vilar Cimeiro, Oleiros 6160-211
Latitude: 39.936444415155
Longitude: -8.0726159497376